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Business Card Stats You Should Probably Know

Have you ever wondered how many business cards are printed every year? How long do they last on average? What percentage of people throw them away after a week? Well, if these questions are popping into your mind, I have good news: The answers to all of these questions (and more) are contained within this article! We'll take a look at some interesting facts about the history and future of business cards.

The first business card was printed in China in the 15th century

The first business card was printed in China in the 15th century. Its purpose was to help people remember each other, and it's easy to see why: In a world where there were no photo IDs or social media profiles, business cards provided proof of identity for both parties. They also served as an advertisement for each person's skills and experience; before LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook existed, this was the only way for people to connect with one another professionally.

Today, business cards remain an essential to

ol for networking at conferences or events like trade shows and conventions (which continue to be popular ways of doing business). They're also great tools for making new connections when you're looking to start your own freelance or consulting career—just ask any self-employed freelancer who has struggled with a lack of contact information on their resumes!

The average business card is designed to last only 17 months

Most business cards are designed to last only 17 months. The print industry knows that your information is likely to change or be updated. Meaning the average business card is designed to be thrown away after use, which means that your contacts can easily lose your details.

88% of business cards are discarded within a week

We’re going to go out on a limb here and as

sume that most people have more than one business card in their wallet. If the cards aren’t handed out during an introduction, they usually make it into your pocket or purse for safekeeping or future reference.

But how many of these cards are actually used? According to research conducted by Moo, an online designer and printing company, 88% of business cards are discarded within a week of meeting someone new—and even more

startling: The decision to keep or discard an average business happens within 2 minutes of meeting your new connection!

27 million business cards are printed each day.

With so many business cards being printed every day, it's important to know the facts. And while you may not be able to change the number of business cards printed each year, there are other things you can do to help cut down on their impact on the environment. One thing is for sure: if we all do our part, we'll have a better chance of keeping forests alive and thriving for years to come!

Switching to a digital business card like Social Dot, Social Card, Social Disc or Social Band gives you unlimited connections with none of the environmental impact of a desk draw full of business cards.

With a digital business card, you can have unlimited connections that are always ready to connect at a TAP! You don't have to worry about misplacing cards or wasting paper and ink on printing them. You can share contact information, socials and custom links at the tap of a Social Dot Product—instantly.

With Social Card, Social Disc or Social Band, there's no need to carry around stacks of physical cards because they're either stuck to your phone or worn on a watch band. And unlike traditional business cards that get buried in drawers and lost over time (or eventually thrown away), digital business cards are easy to save your details directly into the "tappers" phone so they're always accessible!

You may be thinking: "I'm not into technology, old school works best!". Think about how much time it takes for you to dig through your wallet or handbag to find your business card in an important networking situation... or better yet when you have needed a card for an important connection and you didn't have one on you.

Digital business cards are dramatically greener than physical ones

Digital business cards are a lot more efficient, convenient and professional. They allow you to quickly connect without wasting paper or adding to the waste stream. And this isn't just my opinion; digital business cards are also greener than their physical counterparts. In fact, they're 2-3 times more eco-friendly! That's because they don't require printing paper.


I hope this little article has helped you get a sense of the scope of the business card market. The numbers are incredible and it’s exciting to think about how much potential there is for digital business cards! Social Dot aims to do this with its range of Digital Business Card products providing you with a shared connected experience.

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