What can Social Dot share?

Social Dot allows you to share anything with a URL link such as:

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn along with 6 custom URL links that can be used for what ever you need.

How does Social Dot work?

Using advanced technology easily link your social sites, contact info, websites to your Social Dot Profile

Next time you meet someone share your info with a simple TAP of your Social Dot to make Sharing Social Simple!

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What people are saying....

Perry Street Cinemas

Great idea, really helpful for our customer engagement.



Perfect way to connect with others, no more business cards!


Tim, B

Easy to setup and engage with your customers.



Mind blowing easy. I wish I had this sooner!


Matthew Tate

Its changed the way we interact with our clients. Everyone we meet is an advocate of our brand now!


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Social Dot?

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